Garage Data Systems

GDS Workshop Manager is a fully integrated application for managing daily workshop activities, creating invoices, and maintaining accurate service records.

Some information about the product:

GDS Workshop Manager has proved to be a very popular low cost system amongst garage workshop owners since it was launched over a year ago. Approximately 80% of garages who receive a demonstration go on to purchase the system even after they have evaluated other systems on the market. We have found that garages who use our system are also happy to recommend our software to other garages in their area.

Development on the product started in early 2006 in response to a request from a local garage who had an old system which was no longer supported by its developers. We worked closely with this customer to give them all the functionality they required from the system. We often add new features to the system when requested by customers.

Our system was based on a brand new design which has been designed from the ground up to be simple to use, easy to learn, and intuitive.

The screens have a basic layout and are left uncluttered by using toolbar buttons which stay at the top of the screen. The system also allows you to switch to a different screen without closing the one you are working on - for example you can be creating a sales invoice, and at the same time find a customers phone number, or print a job sheet.

GDS Workshop Manager offers the following additional options:

VRM Vehicle Data Lookup

Repair Times & Service Schedules


SMS Text Messaging

Import Existing Data

Currently, we can import existing data from the following systems:

Unipart KiS & Unipart Direct

Garage Master

NAS/Concept 2000

Ultra Plus

Gemini IGIS

MAM / Drive In Direct